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UX Research enhances product design by studying user behavior, needs and feedback. Resulting in better user experience and increased success.

What is a PRODUCT discovery?

Transforming your ideas into powerful digital solutions

Development is the process of creating, improving, and innovating products, services, and systems. In software development, it involves designing, coding, testing, and maintaining computer software. Collaboration and communication between developers, stakeholders, and users are crucial. The goal is to create solutions that meet user needs and provide value.

Expertise in software design, programming, databases, and user experience is essential. Continuous learning is key as technology and user needs evolve.

benefits for your business

What are the benefits of Development stage?

Enhances user experience and increases satisfaction

mproving user experience leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction with a product. By providing an intuitive and seamless experience, users are more likely to continue using the product and recommend it to others.

Improves conversion rates and overall business success

Maximizing conversion rates is essential for the growth and success of a business. By converting a high percentage of potential customers into paying clients, a business can increase its revenue and establish a strong foundation.

Facilitates user understanding and promotes user confidence

.By providing clear and concise information, users are able to quickly comprehend the product and feel confident in their ability to use it effectively. This results increased likelihood of continued usage.




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Development process
Discover the power of process in driving successful Product Development
A Step-by-Step Guide to Uncovering User Insights.
Define Research Goals
The first step in any UX research process is to clearly define what you hope to achieve through your research efforts. This may involve identifying specific user needs, pain points, or areas for improvement in your product or service.
Gather User Data
Once you have your research goals in place, the next step is to gather data from your target users. This may involve conducting surveys, conducting user testing. It's important to use a variety of methods in order to get a well-rounded understanding of your users.
Analyze Insights
With the data in hand, the next step is to analyze it in order to draw meaningful insights. This may involve sorting and categorizing the data, identifying patterns and trends, and synthesizing the findings into key takeaways.
Inform Design Decisions
This may involve making changes to your product or service, iterating on your design, or creating a new design from scratch. The goal is to create a product or service that is tailored to the needs and desires of your users.
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Use our timeline to fully track and control the position of your product

Pick the phase most appropriate to your current situation or learn more about the stage you’d like to get to.
Reach out to us, if you require assistance in understanding individual services.

Do you have an idea but are unsure how to bring it to life?

Do you have a product architecture & roadmap planning but need visuals? Let’s talk about interactive prototypes.

Do you have a product but need an update to empower your sales?

You have a product but need an update to boost its performance?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your team work?

We work remotely in an Agile and Kanban methodology. Our sprints are usually one or two weeks long. The whole team is always involved in the meeting with a client. We also strongly believe in retrospectives, so we evaluate project success and failures, and conduct the project with good communication. We don’t do the “blame game”; we always try to learn how we can work better next time.

What kind of specialists do you have in your team?

Process Manager, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, Quality Assurance Specialist, UX/UI Designers.

What is the minimum lead time for a project?

The minimum lead time is usually one month.

What kind of project management methodology do you use?

We work in an Agile & Kanban methodology.

What is the cost range of projects you’ve worked on?

All our pricing models are based on hourly rates. The rate depends on the lenght, size and complexity level of the project, as well as our availability. Schedule a meeting to determine your hourly rate. [calendar]

Which industries have you worked with so far?

We’ve worked with banking businesses, fintech companies and educational institutions.

Where can I find examples of your work?

You can check our case studies here, download our SWOT Analysis [PDF] and see what our clients say about our cooperation here [about us]
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After 5 years of our partnership, the real asset investment platform we built from scratch got acquired by a global PLC with venture capital of €48 billion.

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After 5 years of our partnership, the real asset investment platform we built from scratch got acquired by a global PLC with venture capital of €48 billion.