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At Authentic Digital, we deeply engage with your business to create a digital experience that enhances your mission and vision. Our approach involves strategic thinking, proven methodologies, and extensive industry expertise to develop solutions that align closely with your business objectives.

Our design process incorporates your brand's voice into the user interface, resulting in an experience that is authentically "you". We invite you to delve into our case studies below, which demonstrate how we have successfully translated distinct business attributes into captivating digital experiences.

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Foundational Principles


Our company operates remotely, using Microsoft Teams and other digital tools for seamless collaboration. We've led successful remote projects with international partners, demonstrating our ability to deliver top-notch results across borders. This approach allows us to work flexibly and access diverse talent worldwide.


Our company is committed to ethical work practices, utilizing work logs in Jira to transparently report on the phases of work, changes, and challenges encountered. Quality is our top priority, making open and effective communication with our clients essential. We ensure that every step of our process is aligned with delivering the highest quality final product.


Our company is fuelled by a relentless drive and a unique approach to each challenge. Our "mission impossible" mindset is backed by our holistic experience, including designers with mathematical expertise, bringing a distinctive flair to our work. This innovative approach ensures we not only meet but exceed expectations, making the unimaginable possible.


Calastone Fintech Innovator

Calastone, the largest global funds network, aims to revolutionise the funds industry by automating and digitalising the global investment funds marketplace. With over 4,000 clients in 55 countries, the company processes £250 billion of investment value each month.

We have the pleasure of working closely with Calastone on a daily basis, assisting them in transforming their ideas into reality. Our primary focus is ensuring that Calastone's product meets the highest standards of quality and that its users are satisfied with it.

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Recognizing Calastone's specific needs for displaying financial parameters, we innovated a multi-level table design. This design seamlessly integrated data from various sources, enabling more effective analysis and data correlation. Furthermore, we established a new design system, setting the foundation for design and development standards in future Calastone products.


By evaluating Calastone's existing system, we provided a fresh perspective that identified and addressed visual challenges. We improved the user experience by designing intuitive user-flows, charts, and tables,. These enhancements optimised the way financial information is presented and analysed, facilitating better decision-making for users.


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