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How a tailor-made solution contributed to company scalability

SchoolTracs is a market leader offering a comprehensive software solution for managing educational centres.

SchoolTracs’ team approached us because they were struggling to attract new clients with their software. It became clear that the system required a makeover to meet market standards and, consequently, attract new customers. Due to technical debt and lack of scalability, the system hindered company’s growth. Our primary objective was to devise a solution that would enable white labelling and unlock opportunities for franchises.


  • Digital Product Design
  • Product Management
  • UI Revamp
  • UX Design
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application


  • Education

SchoolTracs had issues selling the solution to prospects due to technical debt and outdated design.

The solution wasn’t scalable therefore the company got to a point of stagnation - there was no possibility of growth.

The system lacked advanced booking, payroll & accounting module as well as customizable invoicing and branches management tool.

There was a need for developing an additional app for internal newsfeed and messaging.


Designing a new user experience that utilizes the full potential of POS touch terminals & mobile devices.

Developing a new UI (User Interface) that would reduce the number of clicks and offer hand gestures and support for vision deficiency.

Building an app supporting multi-level franchise management & white-labelling.

Creating a new, cloud-based application architecture supporting a new business model.


Scope of work

We knew the system was supposed to be used in small and large educational centres; therefore, we mapped the old solution to determine technological restrictions. After that, we figured out how to go around them to build a tailor-made system that could grow with time.

One of the most important goals was to design an intuitive and easy-to-use POS (Point of Sale) module that would significantly speed up the selling process.

Another critical aspect of the project was to design a mobile version of the system as various types of users were using it (centres managers, teachers, students, parents). We focused on delivering a seamless experience for the desktop and mobile versions of the system.

We re-designed the system to make room for advanced management options and future scalability.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs desktop screen with old vs new system

How did we build scalable management platform?

Managing large network of education centres required designing architecture that protects trade secrets & customer databases from leaking or theft.

We have elevated the school management tool by introducing features that enabled effortless management of multiple branches, separate companies, and various brands all in one unified system.

We also secured the system so that SchoolTracs’ competitors couldn’t copy some solutions. As a result, the company experienced growth due to its unique features that set it apart from competitors.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs architecture image
technical challenge

Technical Challenge with
Schooltracs API

Developing a new system version while supporting old database models presents significant challenges. Changing the architecture in a legacy system often leads to compatibility issues, requiring meticulous data migration and integration. Transitioning from standalone to API-client architecture demands redefining data access and interaction patterns.

Moreover, vertical scaling in such environments can be complex due to the increased load and potential performance bottlenecks, necessitating careful resource allocation and optimization to ensure system stability and efficiency.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs franchising image
rapid product demo

Franchising and White Labeling

Our team developed a comprehensive user management system that grants access to sensitive data based on an individual staff member's position. We have also incorporated detailed action logs that assist in training new employees and resolving any potential disputes.

In addition, white or private labelling has been integrated into all customer-focused features and add-ons, such as mobile apps designed specifically for parents.


User Flow and Wireframes

Building and brainstorming over the prototype prototype was essential in early validation of the MVP assumptions and enabled us to pivot new ideas without spending client’s money and time on building the real product.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs userflow image

Colors and typography

Authentic Digital Schooltracs color palette Authentic Digital Schooltracs typography
product page

Branches Statistics & progress reports

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Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with student's account
Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with lessons options
Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with checkout summary

Screens Designed


Hours of Design


More Clients on the new website


Wireframes & User Flows

“They had the resources to easily scale up, even as a smaller company. Impressing the partner, the team was able to allocate resources with a diversity of wide-ranging skillsets”.

Simon Ho
Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with timetable

Command Center

We have introduced a centralized command centre that enables managers to monitor all branches. A user-friendly drag-and-drop system allows managers to easily navigate between lessons, teachers' availability, last-minute absences, and educational resources.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with reports

Business Analytics

Finally, the owners of education centres could check, e.g. lesson revenue, teachers' effectiveness, or resource usage, ensuring every aspect of the business is appropriately managed and controlled.

Thanks to the organization overview, any issue could be quickly resolved, and key takeaways were noted in the system.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with cashier report

Cashier Report

SchoolTracs required a robust payment system that could seamlessly integrate with its accounting feature. Our team developed a tool that enables the point of sale (POS) to efficiently manage all financial aspects within the system.


From big screens to small, the Platform site is designed to look great everywhere.

Lesson plans, management tool, statistics & reports.

These are only few system’s features that are easily accessable and readable on all devices.

Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with organizations and branches Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with staff attendance Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with timetable
Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with students numbers Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with statistics Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with staff member account Authentic Digital Schooltracs tablet screen with timetable rescheduling

Mobile Access for Any User

Authentic Digital Schooltracs mobile login view Authentic Digital Schooltracs mobile lesson schedule view Authentic Digital Schooltracs mobile payments view

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