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Usability Testing is a crucial aspect of product development that provides valuable insights into how users interact with your product. This process helps to identify any usability issues and improve the overall user experience.

With Usability Testing, you can ensure that your product is intuitive, efficient, and effective for your users, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.


What are the benefits of Usability Testing stage?

Better Product Design

Get better-designed products that meet the needs and expectations. Usability testing provides valuable feedback from real users, which can inform and guide the design process.

Increased Efficiency

Avoid costly redesigns and rework by identifying usability problems early in development, increasing efficiency and cost savings.

Improved User Experience

Identify usability issues, making the product easier and more enjoyable to use for the end-users.

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How new features increased usability testing

A well-crafted user interface can demystify the intricate market of mutual funds, providing clarity and ease for users. This supports confident decisions, boosting user engagement and significantly enhancing sales conversion rates - precisely what the Digital Department had to achieve.

Discover the Step-by-Step Process of Usability Testing and Enhance Your User Experience
Uncovering the Process of Usability Testing:
The first stage of the usability testing process is planning, where you determine the goals and objectives of the test. You will also identify the target user group and determine the most appropriate testing methods for that group. A clear testing plan will be created, including a timeline and budget.
In the preparation stage, you will develop prototypes or the final product and set up the testing environment. You will also recruit participants who match the target user group, making sure to represent a diverse range of ages, genders, and other demographic factors.
During the testing stage, participants will be asked to complete tasks using the product while their actions and feedback are recorded. This stage is often conducted in a controlled environment, such as a lab, to minimize distractions and ensure accurate data collection.
The collected data is analyzed to identify areas of improvement in the product's design and functionality. Insights are used to make design and development decisions, improve the user experience, and ultimately enhance the overall success of the product.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does your team work?

We work remotely using Agile and Kanban methodologies. Our sprints are usually one or two weeks long, and the whole team is always involved in the client meeting. We also strongly believe in retrospectives, so we evaluate project success and failures and conduct the project with good communication. We don’t play the “blame game” — we always try to learn how to work better next time.

What kind of specialists do you have in your team?

Process Manager, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, Quality Assurance Specialist, UX/UI Designers.

What is the minimum lead time for a project?

The minimum lead time is usually one month.

What kind of project management methodology do you use?

We work in an Agile & Kanban methodology.

What is the cost range of projects you’ve worked on?

All our pricing models are based on hourly rates. The rate depends on the length, size and complexity level of the project, as well as our availability. Schedule a meeting to determine your hourly rate. [calendar]

Which industries have you worked with so far?

We’ve worked with banking businesses, fintech companies and educational institutions.

Where can I find examples of your work?

You can check our case studies here, download our SWOT Analysis PDF, and see what our clients say about our cooperation here [about us]


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