Quality Assurance as a long-term success guarantee

Quality assurance is a process that guarantees the adherence to specified standards in order to maintain a high level of quality throughout the entire development lifecycle.

What is a quality assurance?

Quality Assurance is the cornerstone of your success

Quality Assurance guarantees that products or services meet established quality standards. It encompasses testing, defect identification, consistency, and customer satisfaction. It is crucial to continuously improve and adapt to changing market conditions and user needs.

benefits for your business

What are the benefits of Quality Assurance stage?

Bug Identification

We help to identify and address bugs and defects in the early stages of development, ensuring a more stable and reliable final product. This leads to improved overall software quality and customer satisfaction.

Consistent Performance

Contribution to the consistent and reliable performance of the software by testing its functionality under various conditions. This helps to prevent unexpected issues and ensures the product performs as intended in different environments.

Cost Savings

Detecting and fixing issues is generally more cost-effective than addressing them later in the development process or after the product has been deployed. QA helps minimise the likelihood of costly post-release errors, reducing overall development expenses.


How new features increased sales conversion

A well-crafted user interface can demystify the intricate market of mutual funds, providing clarity and ease for users. This supports confident decisions, boosting user engagement and significantly enhancing sales conversion rates - precisely what the Digital Department had to achieve.

quality assurance process
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Establishing the overall quality assurance strategy and plan. This includes defining quality standards, test objectives, resource requirements, and schedules. The planning phase sets the foundation for the entire QA process.
Test cases are executed, and the software is systematically tested to identify defects or deviations from expected behaviour. This phase includes various testing types, such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.
Controlling the quality assurance activities. This involves tracking progress against the QA plan, identifying and addressing issues, and ensuring that the testing process aligns with the established standards.
Generating comprehensive reports detailing the testing results, including identified issues, their severity, and resolutions. Then the team ensures that all identified defects are addressed. The QA process is formally closed, and the product is considered ready for release.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does your team work?

We work remotely in an Agile and Kanban methodology. Our sprints are usually one or two weeks long. The whole team is always involved in the meeting with a client. We also strongly believe in retrospectives, so we evaluate project success and failures, and conduct the project with good communication. We don’t do the “blame game”; we always try to learn how we can work better next time.

What kind of specialists do you have in your team?

Process Manager, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, Quality Assurance Specialist, UX/UI Designers.

What is the minimum lead time for a project?

The minimum lead time is usually one month.

What kind of project management methodology do you use?

We work in an Agile & Kanban methodology.

What is the cost range of projects you’ve worked on?

All our pricing models are based on hourly rates. The rate depends on the lenght, size and complexity level of the project, as well as our availability. Schedule a meeting to determine your hourly rate. [calendar]

Which industries have you worked with so far?

We’ve worked with banking businesses, fintech companies and educational institutions.

Where can I find examples of your work?

You can check our case studies here, download our SWOT Analysis [PDF] and see what our clients say about our cooperation here [about us]
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