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project introduction

How the new system led to significant performance boost

Equnity provides expert shareholder, pension and remediation services to corporate clients around the world.

Their team asked us to help reinvent their compliant system, which didn't meet market standards and was causing problems for its users.

The company noticed an efficiency drop, and due to the old and unintuitive design, Equnity also had difficulty selling the system to prospects.

It was high time for some changes.


  • Digital Product Creation
  • UI Revamp
  • UX Design
  • Product Management
  • Web Application


  • Fintech

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The Equnity system didn’t meet market standards, making it difficult to sell to prospects.

The complexity of the complaint system made it challenging for users to locate the required information, thus causing extended search times.

Equnity clients’ reports indicated that the outdated and unintuitive design compromised the system's competitive strength and resulted in performance issues.

The system, due to its many challenges, wasn’t scalable.


Identifying time-consuming processes within the Equnity complaint system.

Incorporating new features that empower managers to have a comprehensive view of all tasks and quickly make modifications if needed.

Modifying the system to align with market trends and ensuring its scalability with ease.

Developing a new system aimed at enhancing performance across all processes.

What we delivered?

Scope of work

The initial phase of the project involved performing a UX audit and mapping the system.

Our objective was to create a fully functional software that effectively resolved all the issues reported by users. Simultaneously, we recognised the importance of considering the future scalability of the system, which was taken into account during the planning phase of its development.

The system was outdated therefore the user had to perform many activities jumping between different tabs. As a result, the performance was dropping down.

The central focus of this project was "performance." We evaluated each user path, every built-in solution and number of clicks required to complete any task. Every little detail was examined to create an entirely new system geared towards optimal performance.

project overview

How did we create user
& manager friendly system?

The previous system did not meet the market standards and made it impossible for users to complete tasks efficiently within a single tab.

We revamped an existing product integrated on the corporate scale in many leading companies.

The new system was designed by our team in collaboration with the Equnity team and a focus group consisting of active system users.

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Old System Review

We performed UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) audits and mapped all processes within the system to optimise them later. We also identified the most significant performance issues and started to design solutions that would save users’ time and ease the management of bottlenecks in a visually appealing way.

usability tests

Testing on real product
with Heatmap

Based on our discoveries, we developed an early prototype, analyzed users’ behaviour and then optimised UI to improve the process.

We also focused on eliminating human error, which is highly unacceptable in the case of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) compliance complaint.

Product Creation

User Flow and Wireframes

Building and brainstorming over the prototype was essential in valiating earlier MVP assumptions and enabled us to pivot new ideas without spending client’s money and time on building the real product.

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Product creation

Colors and topography

Old brandbook

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New Design System

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what we delivered

Workload preview

One-stop-shop with all the information the user needs

Pulling information from different, hidden folders and going back and forth between tabs can be frustrating and time-consuming - that was our starting point. We knew we had to simplify the process.

One of our tasks was to create a platform that could be used for 8 hours a day and wouldn’t make the user frustrated. All the information about the product and clients had to be in one place. Also, the user had to have access to regulations needed to solve a case.

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Product Page

Incorporating Kanban Standard

We proposed an easy drag-and-drop system with colour coding and labeling.

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“Their work was solid and we were blown away by their abilities to use the most modern, cutting-edge technology. They have the ability to create impressive, dynamic work”.

Naresh Ramjee Ho
Business Architect at Equiniti

Intuitive Dashboard Statistics

The creation of the project dashboard provided managers with an easy way to control workload. The simple drag-and-drop feature allows organizing work, ensuring that everyone in the team has an equal number of tasks.

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Screens Designed

Hours of Design

More Clients on the new website

Wireframes & User Flows

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Desktop Version

From big screens to small, the platform is designed to look great everywhere

Performance is all about facilitation and quick access

The final product allows all users to effectively manage their tasks. Through the use of colour coding and labelling, all information is easily readable and manageable, enabling users to complete tasks efficiently. The need to copy and paste data or switch between multiple tabs was eliminated, as everything is conveniently located in one place.

desktop mockup desktop mockup desktop mockup
desktop mockup desktop mockup desktop mockup desktop mockup

Mobile Access to Workload Wherever You Are

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