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Having feedback review and validation, we’re ready to implement all solutions.

What is a PRODUCT discovery?

Get ahead of the competition with implementation

The implementation phase kicks off with detailed planning, defining clear timelines, resource allocations, and deployment strategies. Development teams then proceed to build or adjust the system, integrating the feedback-driven enhancements and features identified during the validation phase. This process is supported by continuous testing, to ensure the system operates as intended and meets the end users' requirements.

Throughout this process, communication with stakeholders and users is crucial to manage expectations, report progress, and continue gathering valuable insights to refine the system further.

benefits for your business

What are the benefits of Implementation stage?

Enhanced System Quality

The final system is more closely aligned with user needs and business goals. This alignment ensures that the system addresses the actual requirements, preferences, and pain points of its users, leading to higher satisfaction and better user engagement.

Reduced Risk of Rework

Incorporating user and stakeholder feedback before full-scale implementation helps identify and resolve potential issues early in the development process. This early detection and resolution of problems can significantly reduce the need for costly rework after deployment, helping to keep the project within budget and on schedule.

Faster Adoption and Return on Investment (ROI)

A system designed with user feedback in mind is more likely to meet the users' actual needs. When users feel that a system is built to cater to their specific needs, they are more likely to embrace it, leading to quicker realisation of the system's benefits. This accelerated adoption can enhance business value sooner.


How the design system empowered the sales team

Navigating abstract concepts can be challenging without visuals. The tangible clarity of design thinking in financial environments paves the way to more precise business requirements, empowering business analysts to generate sharper insights and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your team work?

We work remotely in an Agile and Kanban methodology. Our sprints are usually one or two weeks long. The whole team is always involved in the meeting with a client. We also strongly believe in retrospectives, so we evaluate project success and failures, and conduct the project with good communication. We don’t do the “blame game”; we always try to learn how we can work better next time.

What kind of specialists do you have in your team?

Process Manager, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, Quality Assurance Specialist, UX/UI Designers.

What is the minimum lead time for a project?

The minimum lead time is usually one month.

What kind of project management methodology do you use?

We work in an Agile & Kanban methodology.

What is the cost range of projects you’ve worked on?

All our pricing models are based on hourly rates. The rate depends on the lenght, size and complexity level of the project, as well as our availability. Schedule a meeting to determine your hourly rate. [calendar]

Which industries have you worked with so far?

We’ve worked with banking businesses, fintech companies and educational institutions.

Where can I find examples of your work?

You can check our case studies here, download our SWOT Analysis [PDF] and see what our clients say about our cooperation here [about us]
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