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So, how is it supposed to be build a landing page that increases retail distribution?

Let us guide you through the digital transformation process. We promise it will be a great experience with an outcome your superiors will thank you for!

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What we do
Landing page on fintech company on a desktop and tablet
step 1

Landing Page Audit

First, we need to assess the current situation. We evaluate what needs to be changed, check components, and talk to the client about the goals. The most important goal is to create a landing page that serves its purpose—sells.

What we check:
UX Design
UI Design
Step 2

Data Analysis

This stage focuses on the data and information that underlies your landing page. By analyzing the user's journey and identifying areas on the landing page that receive the most attention, we can determine which aspects need to be modified. These insights provide valuable guidance on areas for improvement, allowing the designers to address the actual needs of the users.

What we check:
Users' pain points
Analytic add-ons & its data
step 3


With all the essential information in hand, we can proceed to design a new landing page for you. This design won't focus solely on aesthetics; it will also cater to your clients' needs, making it easier for them to purchase your product or reach out to you with any inquiries.

What you get:
Tangible performance improvements
A better understanding of user needs and behavior.
Validation of design decisions and optimization of the user experience

“We’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Authentic Digital. They always try to make things possible. Even though we don’t see each other on a daily basis, they feel like part of our internal team”.

Shirley Lee
Head of Digital Marketing at J.P. Morgan Asset Management
What we delivered

Scope of work

Our most significant challenge was to accurately map the process, optimise it, and deliver a fully functional product within a 4-month timeline. The second objective that presented a challenge was to build responsive tables that could exhibit a similar amount of multi-level data and options as the desktop version.

At the same time, we had to develop a version of the product that functions flawlessly and provides an optimal user experience for both English and Chinese-speaking users.

Project mentioned by

How new features increased sales conversion

A well-crafted user interface can demystify the intricate market of mutual funds, providing clarity and ease for users. This supports confident decisions, boosting user engagement and significantly enhancing sales conversion rates - precisely what the Digital Department had to achieve.

I want to create a Landing Page that increases retail distribution

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Landing pages for J.P. Morgan

Explain why the prospect should choose your Asset Management

We have helped many Asset Management companies create landing pages to support their growth and sales. The key is building the page in a way that is compelling for a user and also looks professional. Good content is only half of the success; you also need a page that is easy to navigate and guides your prospect to the sales funnel.

Problems you'll solve with the Landing Page

All ads funneled users to your main website, lacking division for your products and services.

Underperforming marketing campaigns

Insufficient retail distribution

Getting stuck in your marketing efforts

Lacking the necessary IT expertise internally

What you'll gain

Better UI & UX experience resulting in bigger website traffic and longer watch-time of your marketing content

Increased sales

Marketing materials for ads with IT support

Increased brand awareness

Analysis for you marketing campaigns

Better understanding of your prospects

I want to create a Landing Page that increases retail distribution

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